As a homeowner here in southeast Texas, you don’t run for the door when you spot spiders or scorpions, but you don’t want to share the house with them either. Knowing a little more about our local arachnid population makes it easier to identify a problem before it overruns your home.

Southeast Texas Spiders

Most of the spiders that invade area homes are common southern house spiders. Their yellow or tan bodies are often spotted, and they scurry around on long, slender legs. Females hide out weaving webs while males fearlessly travel all over your home. These pests don’t bite, but their sheer numbers can quickly become a nuisance.

Black widow and brown recluse spiders do pose a danger with venomous bites. Black widows are identified by a reddish-orange hourglass marking on their abdomen, and they spin their webs in dark, secluded areas. Brown recluse spiders carry a violin-shaped mark on their heads. Instead of weaving webs, they hide out in cluttered areas.

Striped Bark Scorpions

Scorpions are also arachnids, but they’re categorized as arthropods because of their external skeletons and segmented bodies. From the powerful stinger at the end of a five-segmented tail to the pincers on its front arms, a bark scorpion can measure more than 2 inches in length. The pests have two eyes on top of their head and several pairs on each side, but they’re virtually blind.

Here in southeast Texas, striped bark scorpions are very common in the wooded areas that stretch north out of Harris County. They enter your house by climbing trees and scaling branches that brush against the roof and exterior walls. Once inside, they nest in the attic, but hot weather moves them down into the rooms of your home.

Your Best Defense

Nocturnal scorpions stay out of sight up in the attic until the heat drives them to hiding inside shoes and under furniture. It’s very hard to get rid of spiders and scorpions, so professional pest control is always your best defense against these home invaders. Services include thorough property inspections to pinpoint infestations and industry-proven techniques that eliminate the problem.

Hart at Your Service

When spiders and scorpions threaten to take over the house, give us a call here at Hart Pest Control. Our family-owned business brings more than 45 years of experience to your home, and we take care of commercial properties too. We don’t require contracts, and we can often schedule same-day visits. Wherever you’re located in Harris or Montgomery County, we’re always ready to be at your service.