One of the simplest and most effective preventative measures that can be taken is applying termiticide to places that will be inaccessible after the structure has been built.

We offer soil and borate treatments in a two phase application process. Soil applications consist of applying termiticide to grade areas prior to the installation of the foundation vapor barrier. Borate applications consist of applying borate termiticide to the bottom two feet of structural wood in contact with the foundation. The second phase consists of applying termiticide to all grade areas after landscaping is completed. We recommend combining soil and borate treatments for maximum termite protection.

Clearing the work site prior to the main excavation is an important step in the process. Items such as logs, mulch and wood that are left there provide termites with a good food source. Sometimes termites are found and eradicated during this step of the process.

Ensure that any additions to already existing structures are treated during the construction process as well. This includes additions such as, rooms, porches and gazebos. If these are left untreated, you have created a new passageway for termites, even if the original structure had already undergone pre-construction termite treatment.

When you are ready to get your structure or addition built, contact Hart Pest Control so that we can take care of the pre-construction termite treatment. It is much better to keep termites out than it is to belatedly discover them after a tremendous amount of damage has already been done. It will also cost you much less to treat your structure as it is being built than afterwards, which is usually a much more labor-intensive process.

We provide warranties and comprehensive inspections. Once your home has been built, make sure to maintain annual inspections for termite activity as these pests could still enter through other ways.

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