Mosquitoes breed in large numbers and quickly infest outdoor areas during late spring and throughout the summer. They thrive in hot, humid climates like Texas and spread rapidly when they’re left untreated. These invasive pests feed on blood and spread various diseases to people and pets. With Hart Pest Control, you can reduce mosquito populations around your home and enjoy a pest-free time outdoors.

Identifying Mosquito Breeding Grounds

It only takes an inch of water for mosquitoes to produce their young. An upturned bucket, a cup and a dog dish can collect enough water after it rains to lure mosquitoes onto your property. Mosquito females lay their eggs in the water where the larvae will grow and mature until they’re ready to fly away. Reducing breeding areas in your yard helps to curb mosquito populations. Our specialists can also service your yard and home for breeding areas that you might overlook, such as the gutters or holes in the foundation.

Mistaken Identity

Mosquitoes have a bad reputation for a reason: Many carry the West Nile virus, a serious infection that can cause stiff necks, swollen lymph nodes and skin rashes. Though most people who develop West Nile virus have no symptoms, some people report severe disorientation, tremors and paralysis. The newest virus, Zika which is still being researched to understand how it affects humans, has caused birth defects and can range from mild infection to death in rare cases and can be sexually transmitted.

Because mosquitoes carry nasty viruses, people kill them at first sight. Unfortunately, you may kill insects with similar characteristics as the mosquito. Midges and Crane Flies have long, slender bodies and resemble mosquitoes to the untrained eye; these insects don’t bite or carry infectious diseases. Professionally trained specialists from Hart Pest Control can help you determine whether you have a mosquito infestation or a different insect problem altogether.

Why Mosquitoes are Nuisance Pests

Some insects, such as the Honeybee, provide a useful purpose to humans. For example, the Honeybee helps with pollination and increases crop yields. They also produce honey, a tasty substance that’s used in many different recipes. Mosquitoes, on the other hand, serve no useful purpose to humans. The females have a sharp proboscis, which penetrates the skin and extracts blood from the host.

Though the males do not bite, they fly around in swarms and annoy people as they gather outdoors. Hart Pest Control understands mosquito behavior and can create a custom plan to eradicate swarms and reduce the potential for breeding on your property.

Professional Mosquito Control

Contact Hart Pest Control for a free quote and complete service of your house and property. Our trained staff specializes in mosquito elimination and prevention and can help you enjoy a more peaceful time in your backyard this summer.