Hart Pest Control is a full-service pest control company for Hedwig Texas Our region attracts pests that are damaging in more ways than one. From home damage to disease, you need protection and that’s where we come in. We offer plans that cover it all from rodent removal and rat control to professional tick control and mosquito spraying. 


The health and well-being of your family and pets are our first concern. We don’t just protect you from the harm that pests can do, we use low toxin or green when appropriate pest control. Call us for all of your pest control solutions. There’s no job too big or bug too small. 

Tick Control in Hedwig, AL

Ticks, host to some of the most harmful diseases and parasites both for humans and animals. They say everything is bigger in Texas and that’s not limited to BBQ. The ticks that hitchhike on your pets and you while you BBQ can measure the size of a sunflower seed. We don’t just have one or two species like other states in the union. We have Deer ticks, American and Brown Dog ticks and the aptly named Lone Star ticks. 


DIY Methods Won’t Work

You may think they do because you may not notice anything for a while. But, they’re only waiting to hatch and come back in number. Don’t wait until they’re too many to control quickly. They require some heavy-hitting extermination not legal for you to use in over-the-counter brands. 


The diseases you are exposing yourself, family, and pets are rocky mountain spotted fever and lyme disease. These are much more than just uncomfortable to go through and some can attack the heart, nervous system and joints. Call today and get your professional tick control and disease behind you. 


Rodent Control in Hedwig, AL

Rodents are destructive disease carriers and nothing to play with. They’ve been known to start house fires by silently chewing through wires. You may not know they exist unless you see one, which is rare or see what they leave behind. 


If you experience any of the below evidence, you should call us immediately. 


  • You hear scratching in the walls
  • Notice rat droppings which can be shiny, but are always solid black. 
  • There are chew holes in bags of food or boxes. 
  • The pet food bowl rattles at night
  • Baseboards have chew holes in them
  • Closets and cupboards may have chew holes
  • Any holes anywhere high near the ceiling or low to the ground. 


None of these signs have to be present. You can have rodents in your walls and home for a while causing silent, expensive and dangerous damage. 


How we Provide Rodent Control in Hedwig Texas

Your home needs to undergo regular inspections for rodent removal. Call us for your rat control in Hedwig Texas today. Just eliminating one colony living with you is not enough. There will always be more. When the weather changes, there are floods and other weather or temperature changes, and around garbage and recycle bins. 


Call us for rat removal and rodent control today. The sooner the better to head off a growing issue. 

Mosquito Control Hedwig

Mosquito infestation is not pleasant. Furthermore, they make your home a prison nearly any time of the day when there’s an infestation. Have a garden party? Call us ahead of time so we can at least provide some short-term extermination. On the other hand, you’ll surely want to adopt one of our flexible pest control plans so we can provide safety and protection for you and your family and pets all year round.  


Diseases Mosquitoes Carry Are Nothing To Play With in Hedwig

Some diseases are known and well-researched while others like Zika, which is known to cause birth defects, are still undergoing research. West Nile can affect the body in different ways and show no symptoms. These are just two that are reported each year in the US. Our climate in Hedwig Texas is an invitation all year round. We have a specific mosquito guard method that works well in our area both long and short-term. We inspect and locate mosquito congregation areas and attack the larvae in all stages in between. Moisture control is included and you can help start the process by removing standing water and places where water collects. That will at least help us in detection of the water collecting plants and shrubs around the area. 


Call us for mosquito spraying and control today.