Katy, Texas, is a thriving suburban community located just 30 miles west of Houston. Due to the area’s humid subtropical climate and high population density, which includes more than 1,100 people per square mile, Katy residents are more likely to encounter pests. From fire ants to Formosan termites, local homeowners and businesses face a variety of threats.

If you’re concerned about mosquitoes and wasps or if your home has been invaded by bedbugs, cockroaches or mice, you can count on Hart Pest Control to solve the problem. Our residential and commercial experts have more than 50 years of experience serving customers across the area. Learn more about what makes us Katy’s premier pest control service.

Residential Pest Control

Nothing is more important than protecting your family. The world is full of danger, but you might be overlooking the threats that lurk inside your own home or in your backyard. Pests can be disruptive, destructive or downright dangerous.

Bedbugs, roaches and fleas are difficult to control without professional help. Termites can cause substantial structural damage, and rodents can create fire hazards by chewing through electrical wires. Outside your home, fire ants, wasps and Africanized bees can harm children and pets while they’re playing.

When using pesticides or insecticides, we emphasize the importance of proper, ethical application methods. When used as directed, our control methods work to keep your property pest-free.

Commercial Pest Control

Offices, restaurants and retail outlets are all vulnerable to infestations as long as pests can find food, water and shelter. In commercial settings, pest activity can be both unsightly and unsafe. A wasp nest near the entrance may intimidate customers, and signs of rodent activity can result in lost revenue or health and safety violations. As your pest control partner, our goal is to help you maintain a pest-free workplace in every season.

Before treating your property, we’ll perform a full assessment to identify problem areas. Then, we can develop a comprehensive plan for securing your business. Whether we’re working inside your building or on the grounds, our licensed pest control operators use proven techniques that deliver maximum results with minimal environmental impact.

Our Pest Control Services

At Hart Pest Control, we offer a wide selection of residential and commercial services. Our licensed technicians are trained to eliminate these common pests.


To learn more about our services or to request a free quote, call Hart Pest Control today. We’ve proudly served residents of Katy and the surrounding area since 1969.