Humble earned a household name in Texas when its oil production in the early 1900s made it a boomtown. The company that adopted the town’s name became Exxon Oil in the 70s and known around the world. The hot and humid weather in the summer welcomes everyone to enjoy the subtropical climate that makes the winters mild and cool, and common pests thrive in it as well.

Coping with the Pest Population

Insects that invade homes and businesses find the living conditions conducive to their lifestyle until they can find a way inside. Termites can cause some of the most destructive damage to structures, while fleas, tics and ants make life unpleasant for humans and pets alike. Mosquitoes can quickly claim ownership of the outdoors without adequate control, and the sting of a bee, wasp, spider or scorpion can bring a party to an unhappy end. Rodents in a home or business represent a health threat, and they require removal by a professional. At Hart Pest Control, our family-owned business has served Humble and the metropolitan area of Houston for 50 years. We offer comprehensive service without contracts to meet the pest control needs of our community.

Treating Residential Pests

Our approach to pest control uses the latest equipment, methods and materials that let us eliminate home infestations with lasting results. We rid homes of rodents, ticks, scorpions, spiders, ants, termites, bees and cockroaches that create damage and diminish the quality of life for the residents of Humble. Our technicians use low impact chemicals to target applications, and we prioritize the well-being of wildlife and beloved pets.

Controlling Pests in Commercial Properties

While pests may only seek the comforts of food, shelter and water, their presence in a business creates a terrible impression on customers. Rats and mice bring potential health problems, termites can destroy a structure, and a bedbug bite can cause an infection. Roaches and spiders, ticks and scorpions, ants, bees, wasps and fleas deserve no place in a commercial location, and we can eradicate them. With the pest control services that we provide, businesses can prevent disruption to production, health risks and potential fines by inspection agencies.

Keeping Pests Under Control

Our comprehensive service treats every pest that lives in Humble and the greater Houston area. We can effectively control these bothersome and often dangerous pests.

– Ants
– Bees
– Fleas
– Mosquitoes
– Rodents
– Scorpions
– Spiders
– Termites
– Ticks
– Wasps

Choosing a Reliable Pest Control Service

At Hart Pest Control, we honor a 50-year family tradition of eradicating pests in the greater Houston area. We use state-of-the-art techniques and materials to target infestations and protect domestic animals and beneficial wildlife. We offer free quotes and provide hassle-free no-contract services. Contact Hart Pest Control today!