Is your family protected from scorpions and spiders? Arachnids are very good at hiding. If they come into your home, you could be at risk for painful bites and stings. Although arachnids’ venom is rarely fatal, people with allergies or special sensitivity should be aware of the danger that they pose to humans.


Spiders are attracted to dark, quiet spots with little human traffic. They hide in woodpiles, garages, attics and closets. Some species make their homes in dark corners of the ceiling or under heavy furniture. Surprisingly, only about half of all spiders spin webs for trapping prey. Those that don’t often go undetected.

Common eight-legged pests in the Spring area include the following:

• Grass and garden spiders

• Common house spiders

• Long-legged sac spiders

• Black widows

• Brown recluses

Spiders are typically not aggressive toward humans, but they’ll bite if threatened. Children should not attempt to capture them.

Depending on the individual, the effects of a bite can range from pain and redness to muscle cramps and nausea. Most bites, fortunately, are minor irritations.

Since their venom is especially potent, black widows and brown recluses pose greater danger than most spiders. Brown recluses are quite shy and avoid humans, but beware: In a few rare cases, their venom damaged body tissue or reached internal organs.

Black widows have a distinctive red hourglass marking on their abdomens and hang head down in their webs. Brown recluses bear a mark shaped like a violin.


Scorpions are identified by their segmented bodies, slender tails and pincers. The striped bark scorpion, a common pest in and around Spring, is one of the few species that prefers dark, moist habitats like pine forests. It’s usually pale yellow and difficult to spot. Since harsh sunlight evaporates the moisture supply in its body, the striped bark scorpion is nocturnal. It hides in hollow logs, dead vegetation, attics and construction debris.

Stings are not lethal, but pain and itching may persist for several days. Allergic people who are stung could experience swelling, numbness, skin discoloration, muscle spasms or breathing difficulty.

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