Beehives are a nuisance that can be tricky and dangerous to deal with. The stings from bees are hazardous to humans, especially if the person is allergic or the bees are in a swarm. The following is how to properly remove a beehive.

Protect Yourself

Purchase a beekeeper’s veil and leather gloves to completely protect your face and hands. Make sure not to wear any perfumes or colognes, because this can cause the bees to confuse you with a flower. Spraying the hive with a bee smoker will help calm the bees and reduce the chances that they will sting you. If you’re allergic to bees you should never attempt to remove a beehive.

Use Insecticide

You will need to repeatedly apply insecticide to the hive that is specifically designed to kill bees. Make sure to kill all of the bees within the hive before proceeding any further to prevent getting stung by any lingering bees. The best time to apply the insecticide is during the evening and the early morning when bees tend to sleep.

Dispose of the Hive

You must dispose of the hive after killing the bees in order to prevent a new colony of bees from taking it over. Once you have killed all of the bees, place the hive into a plastic garbage bag and leave it out for trash pickup. Thoroughly clean the area where the hive was with soap and water and seal up any cracks and holes throughout your home to prevent any bees from entering.

Hire a Professional Service

Hiring a professional pest control service is the best option if you feel unsafe about removing the beehive yourself. This is the best recommendation for people that are allergic to bees in order to minimize the risk of a serious reaction. A professional beekeeper can humanely relocate the hive to a safe location if you want the bees to survive.

Contact Hart Pest Control

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