With great weather, sunshine, and fresh air, it is the prime time for throwing a fun backyard party. Along with your expected guests, you will have some unwanted party crashers — bees. Eating outside, especially during the summer, attracts bees. Once bees are around, there is always the possibility of a bee sting. Keep scrolling below on ways to keep bees away from your backyard party.

Prep Your Backyard

Before the party starts, prep your backyard. Prepping includes searching for beehives and any other pest-prone areas. Avoid areas like sheds and trash cans because bees prefer to nest in quiet environments. If you notice a beehive or bees nearby a week or so before the party, contact a pest control service right away.

Know What to Eat and Where to Store Food

Bees prefer specific scents like barbecue, fish, and fried chicken. So, stick to bland foods like sandwiches, crackers, cheese, salads, and pasta if you want your food to sit outside for a while. If you want to enjoy foods with stronger scents, keep them inside until right before serving. Try to keep the food away from doors, especially if people are constantly going in and out to keep bees and other pests to enter your home.

Prepare Your Eating Area

Right before you are ready to eat, prepare your eating area. Place mothballs, fake beehives, and marigolds around your eating area to discourage bees from flying over. If you want something that is more subtle, light candles with scents that bees dislike such as peppermint, spearmint, and thyme. Before and after everyone eats, keep all food containers closed so lingering scents do not attract bees.

Conceal all Trash

Trash has a strong odor that bees find delectable. To avoid bees swarming your trash area, seal or conceal all trash bags and bins. If you cannot tie and close a bag or bin, bring the trash inside immediately after everyone finishes eating.

Pesky bees do not have to ruin backyard parties. There are many more ways to keep bees away, but the easiest way to solve any insect problems is to contact pest control. For more information on how Hart Pest Control can help you, contact us today.