Autumn has arrived, and that means that the time has come to begin preparing for the busy holiday season. If you’re like most busy folks, then you’ll most likely be planning a big Halloween party for the children, an incredible feast for your friends and family on Thanksgiving and festive celebrations to commemorate Christmas and welcome in a brand new year. These are all meant to be special times that create wonderful and lasting memories, but it can all be ruined when rodents show up in your home as uninvited guests.

Unfortunately, the holiday season is always one of the worst times for rodent invasions to occur in Texas. Here at Hart Pest Control, we’re regularly called upon to eliminate rodents from even the cleanest homes throughout the counties of Harris, Montgomery and Fort Bend, and both rats and mice are the most common rodents that we typically encounter in these areas.

About Rats and Mice

These rodents can be dangerous in several ways to both your home and your personal health. For example, their constant chewing may cause damage to any insulation, electrical wiring, siding and PVC piping that is located throughout your home. Additionally, humans who are exposed to the saliva, urine or droppings of these rodents may become ill with such conditions as typhus, Weil’s disease, hantavirus, salmonella and even the plague.

Each of these rodents may be attracted to your yard by the aroma of food drifting out of garbage cans, seeds that have fallen to the ground from your bird feeder, pet food and water left outside or even the waste from your dogs and cats. Once they’ve discovered your yard, these rodents will then want to enter your home in search of food, shelter and water. Because rats and mice breed incredibly fast, you may become overwhelmed with a huge infestation in a very short period of time.

Norway Rats

These big rats can easily weigh over a full pound, have a body that is over a foot long and a tail that may grow to a length of a full 8 inches. You may find them in the attic, the crawlspace or the basement, and they’ll come out to eat meats, fruits, grains, nuts and any other food that they can find.

Roof Rats

These rats can also be over a foot long, and they have a pointed nose and larger eyes and ears than their Norwegian cousins. Roof rats are extraordinary climbers, and you may expect them to make their nests in areas that include your home’s rafters, attic and roof. They prefer to search your home for fruits and nuts, and they will also hoard as much food as possible near their nesting areas.

Professional Rodent Elimination Available

If your home has been invaded by the common house mouse, any rats or any other type of pest, then contact us here at Hart Pest Solutions for immediate assistance. Call us at 281-407-8336, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free estimate.