Tomball sees about 60 rainy days, 100 cloudy days, and a little over 200 sunny days each year. With our hot summers, mild winters, and relatively high humidity, we know how appealing the region is to certain pests. Our company, Hart Pest Control, is here to eliminate them whenever they step into other people’s property.

We’ve been in business since 1969, and we’ve developed quite a loyal customer base in that time. Our professionals offer a variety of treatment methods, including several preventative measures. We’ll now describe three pests that our customers have often complained about.

Ant Control in Tomball

Carpenter ants are among the most common ants, and they usually invade homes in the spring to build nests in structural lumber. While they don’t eat wood, they will dispose of the wood shavings, eventually causing a pile to appear before the structure. Two other ants – the tawny crazy ant and the fire ant – are more aggressive and dangerous. Fire ants bite and sting and their venom can lead to severe allergic reactions. Tawny crazy ants have seemingly no pattern when it comes to foraging, breed rapidly, and are attracted to electrical equipment. All of these ants feed on the same things: usually sweets and meats, including pet food. Make sure not to leave food out; seal everything tightly.

Tomball, TX Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes can be a nuisance whenever residents want to host a barbecue party or other backyard event. Unfortunately, that’s not the only problem. These insects are known to transmit a variety of viruses from the West Nile virus to the Zika virus, and their bites can lead to malaria, dengue fever, and other conditions. They breed in areas of standing water; even the shallowest bit of water in a flowerpot or birdbath will suffice. When it’s not enough to use insect repellents, you’ll want us to come over with foggers. Our team can eliminate mosquitoes at the larval, pupal, and adult stages.

Tick Control in Tomball, TX

Ticks are parasites found in wooded areas, so if you property borders one, you’ll want to take extra precautions. Since they love moisture, make sure to remove any old logs or leaf piles in your yard, and consider spreading mulch across your yard (it will act as a barrier). They also like tall grasses and shrubs, so trim these regularly.

The most common way ticks enter a home is through people and pets. They’ll hitchhike on clothes and pet hair, and they’ll jump into cracks and crevices to lay their eggs. Their bites result in fever, joint pains, and muscle aches, and they’re also known for transmitting Lyme disease. Dogs are especially vulnerable to ticks; if yours has become lethargic, has no appetite, or suffers from swollen lymph nodes, know that these are all symptoms of a tick bite.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

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