Located about 20 miles from Houston, Spring, Texas, is a picturesque suburban enclave that serves as a serene respite from the hustle of Houston’s central core. Many people unfamiliar with the region assume that, like much of the rest of Texas, Spring would have an arid climate featuring rugged, treeless landscapes. However, those who live in the verdant region know all too well that this is one area of Texas that not only gets plenty of rainfall, but it has frequently set single-day precipitation records for the entire United States. Spring also enjoys a comparatively moderate climate, with mild winters and hot but not-searing summers.

This is great news for those who live in this splendid environment. Unfortunately, Spring also counts among its many diverse residents species that are considered pests. Because of the ideal environment in which so many species of both insect and mammalian pests can thrive, controlling these nuisance critters is a top priority for those living and doing business in the area.

Residential Pest Control

Pests in the home can be more than just annoying. They can actively damage property and create serious health hazards for residents. That’s why it is so important to get professional help on the scene whenever the first signs of an infestation present themselves. Hart Pest Control has more than five decades serving Southeast Texas and has developed specialized protocols for dealing with the many pests that are endemic to this region.

Hart Pest Control specializes in low-impact, targeted applications. When used as directed, our team and control process gives us the ability to often resolve serious pest issues, giving residents the peace of mind they deserve.

Commercial Pest Control

Although too many business owners give it no thought until it happens, a pest infestation at a business or commercial property can be among the most serious problems any business will face. Rodents and termites can cause direct damage to property and equipment. Fleas, ants, ticks, bedbugs and other insects that are normally just considered to be a nuisance can become a serious threat to the bottom line of any commercial property owner, inviting problems from health inspectors and even legal action from tenants or customers.

Hart Pest Control has the decades of knowledge and experience to quickly, effectively and safely handle all pest infestations at commercial properties. We are able to resolve infestations of:


Hart Pest Control is one of the Houston area’s longest-serving experts in safely and effectively taking care of nuisance insects and animals. If you are facing a pest control problem, give us a call today. We’ll be happy to develop an optimal pest-control strategy to meet your unique situation.