Residential Pest Services

Do you have pests in your home that you’d like to get rid of? You are not alone. Many Southeast Texas homeowners find themselves in the same situation. Pearland’s humid subtropical climate and heavy rainfall make it the ideal location for pests to thrive. Aside from the unsightly nuisance of watching insects crawl across the floor and up walls, many pests carry diseases that are harmful to you and your family. Pests can be destructive and contaminate your food and cause significant damage to your home. The good news is that you don’t need to tolerate unwanted pests and try to tackle this difficult problem on your own. 

Hart Pest Control provides effective residential pest services so that your family and pets are protected by:

  • Using the latest in pest eradication technology, equipment, and technician training.
  • Customized services that meet your specific needs, when and how you need them.
  • Flexible and convenient scheduling with minimally invasive treatments.
  • Reliable and trustworthy service guaranteed.
  • No contracts are required!

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Effective Treatments That Stand Up to Pearland Pest Invasions

Over time, pests can become immune to the effects of previous extermination treatments. As an investment in your residence, you want the benefits of a company that has the latest techniques and solutions to rid you of any concerning pests. Our treatments are fast acting and extensive. We stay one step ahead of the pests you encounter including scorpions. rodents,  ticks, spiders, ants, termites, bees, and cockroaches. 

Low-Impact Applications 

As a leading residential exterminator, we care about the impact our treatments have on you and the environment. That’s why our technicians use low-impact specifically targeted applications. We use only the amount of product we need to use to get the job done while protecting you and your surroundings.

Ethical and Comprehensive

Hart Pest Control technicians are extensively trained on the latest techniques to ultimately resolve your current infestation safely and quickly. Our team provides helpful advice to prevent further problems from occurring. Hart cares about the safety of our team and carries insurance to protect our employees in the event of any unexpected injury while on the job. We ensure that our employees are state licensed and have complete background checks. We are the Pearland residential exterminator you can trust. 


Commercial Pest Control in Pearland 

You work hard to obtain and keep your customers. All it takes is for your clients to witness one sighting of unwanted pests and it can affect your bottom line and reputation. You can easily lose your loyal customers to a competitor and find it hard to recover. A commercial pest problem can quickly become a slippery slope as pests multiply causing stress and inconvenience and significantly affecting your ability to run your commercial business smoothly. Pests like ants, cockroaches, termites, and rodents can cause costly structural damage and spread diseases putting your customers and employees at risk. 

What Can You Do About Unwanted Pests?

Pests seek food and shelter. If you consider your business, especially a restaurant or a hotel, it’s easy to see why these creatures are attracted to your property in the first place. Cleaning efforts won’t effectively solve the problem and provide a long-term solution. You need a professional pest control company to take care of an infestation which is the first step to keeping and reclaiming your business. Future proactive maintenance plans will ensure you keep it safe and pest-free!

Commercial Pest Services That Work For Your Pearland Business

At Hart Pest Control, we aren’t satisfied until the job is done right. Our highly trained and fully licensed technicians will treat your commercial pest problem with the best equipment and solutions available today. We have experience removing many common Texas pests including:

  • Termites
  • Spiders
  • Roaches
  • Bed Bugs
  • Mice
  • Ticks
  • Scorpions
  • Ants
  • Bees
  • Wasps
  • Fleas

The Hart Pest Control Difference

Since 1969, Hart has been a family-owned and operated business offering the best in pest control with an emphasis on customer safety and satisfaction. We offer reduced-impact treatments that limit the use of pesticides and make recommendations for sanitation procedures to keep your commercial property pest-free. We look at the big picture and partner with our customers. Don’t take the risk of unwanted pests affecting your bottom line. If you even suspect you have a commercial pest problem, our technicians can come to your site and provide a detailed inspection and quote for your unique treatment needs. We invite you to become one of the many satisfied commercial clients we serve in Brazoria County.


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Termite Control in Pearland

Termite damage can cost thousands of dollars to repair. If any portion of your home or office building is made of wood or cellulose material, you can be infested with termites. Silently these insects can weaken the structural integrity of your residence or business putting people at risk. Texas is home to several species of termites including Subterranean, Dampwood, and Drywood Termites. It’s important to act fast even if you suspect an invasion and obtain a termite inspection. Although these pests perform a vital function in nature as scavengers, they have no place near your home or work setting. 

Termite Damage is Exponential

Termites eat non-stop so the pace of their destructive jaws is unrelenting. Damage caused by termites can happen very quickly! It is estimated that termites cause up to $3 billion in residential and commercial property damage each year. As these pests consume silently and with few obvious signs, it can be difficult to know if you have a problem until it is too late. A termite treatment plan administered by a professional pest control company is your best solution. 

What Do Termites Look Like?

Termites vary in color. Worker termites are small cream-colored insects. Termite swarmers are the ones you are more likely to see. These insects are dark brown or black and look like ants. However, unlike ants, termites have four wings that are the same size as the termite’s body. Termites also have two straight antennae. Ant’s antennae are slightly curved. Winged termites are about the size of an inch. Termites lose their wings after they leave their colony, so you may find evidence of termites by the many wings scattered by window sills or your foundation. 

Signs of a Termite Infestation

There are some common signs you have a termite infestation:

  • Discarded wings
  • Mud tubes
  • Termite droppings
  • A musty odor
  • Soft sections of walls, a sagging floor or roof
  • Hollowed or blistering wood

Hart Pest Control Gets Rid of Termites in Pearland 

Protect your Pearland real estate investment from these destructive pests the first time. Hart Pest Control has been providing the most effective and reliable termite treatments since 1969. We provide a comprehensive termite inspection and deliver the most innovative solutions in pest control. We offer customized guidance to keep your home free from future termite invasions. 

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