We do everything bigger in Texas and that includes bugs and rodents. The good news is, we take care of it all in a big way for our Pasadena residents. Spiders and rodents are no match for our state-of-the-art pest control systems. Free inspection and affordable monthly plans to suit your needs and budget. Call us today for your pest control needs in Pasadena Texas. 


Rodent Control in Pasadena, TX

Rodents are invasive and carry disease. In a hot state, that’s amped up due to the desert heat and our wild weather conditions. The signs are solid black droppings, not the black and white. That’s lizard; and here, you’ll notice  a lot of that. If you notice chew holes in your walls, any height, and baseboards, in closets, and cupboards, call us immediately for your rodent control solutions. 

Spider Control in Pasadena 

Spiders can be friendly natural exterminators, eating mosquitos, gnats and more. However, having a spider infestation is not a good idea. Some arachnids are venomous like Brown Recluse, and Black Widow. We know exactly where to look rather and that saves you the trauma of getting too close. We scour the attics, basements and other places they may originate from including other dark spaces like under the bed and in closets where your clothes and shoes are. Not a safe place for them to be. Call us for a free inspection and treatment plan for your spider control. 

Residential Pest Control for Pasadena Homeowners 

Most people don’t consider pest control as part of their maintenance plan. It should be, because this is how you prevent so many of the infestations, like rodents, spiders and roaches that are so prevalent in Texas. We offer free inspections, monthly maintenance plans, specialized rodent control and more. Residential pest control should be secured as soon as possible after you move in. If you haven’t had an inspection since the home inspection–it’s time. Let us get a jump on your residential pest control needs.