Hart Pest Control serves residential and commercial customers in Spring, Texas and the surrounding areas. Pretreating your home is an extremely effective method for protecting the building against the threat of property damage, which comes with a termite infestation. Preventing property damage from happening is an incredibly wise investment. Once termites penetrate your home, it is difficult to get into the deep structures of the home where they can find an exposed supply of moist wood.

Termiticide Pre-Treatment

Termites thrive in an environment where wood is exposed and entrance points are vulnerable. This includes tiny cracks and crevices in the baseboards of the home where subterranean termites can enter easily. Moist wood produces a smell that is attractive to termites, so the home is vulnerable to an infestation once exposed wood becomes wet.

Termiticide pre-treatments provide homeowners with a solution that is designed to last after the home construction is finished. Pre-treatments are effective on new homes because they address the structural areas of the home that are no longer accessible once the construction is completed. Our termiticide solutions work within the deepest parts of your home to prevent termites from penetrating into this area and setting up a colony. The pre-treatment option should be seen as an investment that protects your home throughout your entire life.

Applying Pre-Treatment to Homes

Pre-treatment solutions are designed to minimize the vulnerability of your home to these pest infestations. We apply an action plan that is based on an analysis of your property. We develop a pre-treatment plan that addresses the specific areas of your home and yard that may invite a termite infestation either now or sometime in the future. This is particularly effective when you pre-treat the home before the construction is finished.

Wooden areas that are treated with these solutions will repel termites from finding a source of food and nesting materials. We apply the pre-treatment in a methodical and systemic manner. This includes a careful analysis of every room that could potentially become targeted by hungry termites. We treat the wood as the construction materials are being installed. This process thoroughly covers the hidden portions of the wood and protects your property against possible vulnerabilities.

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Hart Pest Control provides the tools and trained professionals who understand how to properly pretreat your home for termites. We provide our clients with a service that will continue to protect the homes for many years into the future. For additional information on our methods, or to set up an initial appointment, contact one of our representatives today.