Did you know 1.2 million people are stung by scorpions each year and that these stings result in over 3200 deaths? If you are concerned about having scorpions in or around your home, it is valid. They can sting you, your children or your pets. Experts, Min Kang and Daniel Brooks, conducted a study, on scorpion stings from 2005-2015. From the study, they determined that “…Arizona (68.2%), Texas (10.3%) and Nevada (4.2) were the top contributors” to these statistics.

What Are Scorpions Like?

It is exceptionally dangerous to have these little critters in or around your home. Naturally nocturnal creatures, they stay out of sight during the day and only come out when the weather cools at night. Because of this, they are skittering around in the dark when you are more likely to not see them and get stung.

Scorpions have a powerful stinger that shoots venom into their victims, leaving them paralyzed. A website devoted to educating about animals said the following about scorpions: “[They] have two large claws or pincers which are located at the front of the body of the scorpion. The claws of the scorpion allow the scorpion to effectively hold onto prey in order to both sting it and then eat it.”

How Do They Enter My Home?

Because scorpions are so small, measuring at most two inches in length, they can easily crawl between the bricks of your home and live in your attic. Another hazard of having scorpions in your home is that when it gets hot in the upper levels of your home, they travel into the bedrooms and living rooms. With that being said, you can find them in the most unexpected places such as in your couches, laundry baskets or under furniture. When they decide to use these common places as their new homes, the possibility of getting stung increases dramatically.

How Do I get Rid of Them?

The most successful and thorough way to prevent and end a scorpion infestation is to leave it to the professionals. They have exterminators who are trained on where scorpions like to hide as well as the equipment to eradicate them. Protect yourself and family now by contacting Hart Pest Control to schedule your appointment today. They are there to make your life less stressful with a scorpion free home.