Sunny days are here, and the grill is out! You’re ready to relax by the pool and cookout with some family. Sadly, we’re not the only ones who love a good barbeque. Stinging insects are most active during the warm summer months. These unwanted pests are going to try to join the party.

Nobody wants unwanted pests flying around when firing up the grill. Stinging insects like bees and wasps pose a real threat, especially to those allergic to them. As we move deeper in the season, these pests will only increase in quantity. So, it’s crucial to know of some ways to keep them away.

Avoid Scented Items

Fragrances from hair products, perfumes and candles can sometimes attract stinging insects. Avoid using scented products to keep stinging insects from flying right to you.

Use a Fan

A small box fan that blows a good breeze will keep bees and wasps away. It’s hard for them to fly when there’s wind blowing. Cover any food so to keep it from getting cold.

Keep Everything Covered or Closed

Cover your food and beverages at all times. Bees and wasps will attack your food if it’s left out. Not only are they annoying when they do this, but they also ruin your food with the illnesses they carry with them.

Use Herbs

Herbs like basil, rosemary, bay leaves and lemon can discourage bees and wasps and keep them away because of the oils the herbs contain. Not only can you use these herbs to deter insects, but you can also use them in your food while barbequing.

So, you can spice up your food with some flavorful additives while keeping stinging insects away. You can also use white vinegar, onion and garlic.

Clean Up!

Clean up after yourself. Once everyone is done eating, take all of your plates and utensils inside. Also, properly dispose of any and all trash and keep the trash cans sealed shut. Wipe up any spills or crumbs left behind to avoid attracting bees and wasps. Store your leftovers in sealed containers just to be safe.

If you’re still worried that these stinging insects, or any insects, are going to make an uninvited appearance at your barbeque, don’t hesitate to contact Hart Pest Control today! We’ll be able to identify and remove these annoying pests immediately.