As spring approaches, local residents welcome the warmer weather and look forward to planning their Memorial Day barbecues. When planning a gathering, it is also important to plan for pests. Unwanted bees and wasps can wreak havoc on any spring cookout.

Why Bees And Wasps Like Barbecues

Bees and wasps are attracted to the smell of different foods. Although bees are in search of sweeter smells since they are pollinators, some wasps are not very picky about food. Also, the warmer temperatures add to the appeal of cooking food outdoors. If there are open containers of salads, desserts and side dishes, any nearby colonies of stinging pests may show up.

Dangers Of Bees And Wasps

One of the main dangers of bees and wasps is their stinging ability. Many people are allergic to bee stings, and some individuals can have rare and fatal anaphylactic reactions. If you frequently host parties, it is smart to keep an EpiPen on hand for such an occurrence. Bees and wasps can deter guests and ruin parties even if they do not sting.

How To Prevent Bees And Wasps

If you have wasp nests or beehives on your property, do not disturb them. Many people have been badly stung by trying to douse these habitats in gasoline or other dangerous chemicals, and some people also hurt themselves with chemicals or flames. Do not try any method found online for DIY removal. Always have a professional remove wasp nests. Also, professionals can relocate beehives to protect these precious endangered pollinators.

The smell of cooking food may inevitably attract some aggressive nearby yellow jackets. However, you can minimize your risks with these simple tips:

  • Keep all food covered.
  • Keep food and dining areas far away from trash cans.
  • Keep trash can lids closed tightly.
  • If possible, purchase a netted tent canopy for dining or lounging.

You may find tips online that tell you to make concoctions to trap wasps or divert their attention away from your food. These methods often wind up attracting even more pests, and they will search for more food.

The best way to prevent bees and wasps from attending your Memorial Day barbecue is to call a professional pest control company. At Hart Pest Control, we offer effective treatment plans to ward off all types of pests. If you have an existing infestation, we remove it. We also identify risks on your property. Call us today for a free estimate on any pest problem.