Preventing Bees & Wasps From Crashing Your Memorial Day BBQ

As spring approaches, local residents welcome the warmer weather and look forward to planning their Memorial Day barbecues. When planning a gathering, it is also important to plan for pests. Unwanted bees and wasps can wreak havoc on any spring cookout. Why Bees And Wasps Like Barbecues Bees and wasps are attracted to the smell… Read more »

Why it Makes Sense to Pretreat A Home for Termites?

Hart Pest Control serves residential and commercial customers in Spring, Texas and the surrounding areas. Pretreating your home is an extremely effective method for protecting the building against the threat of property damage, which comes with a termite infestation. Preventing property damage from happening is an incredibly wise investment. Once termites penetrate your home, it… Read more »

Don’t Let Bed Bugs Come to the Super Bowl

Don’t let bed bugs come to the super bowl The Super Bowl is just around the corner, and if you are like other football fans, then you are already planning how you will spend the big day. Having friends and family over for dinner is a common way to enjoy the Super Bowl, but it’s… Read more »

Why Customers Heart Hart

Rest Assured that Your Home and Family are Safe The safety of your home and family is not something that you should ever take for granted. Pests and rodents in your home and surrounding property have the potential to increase the risk of disease and infection in your house. Take action to make sure that… Read more »

Have a Pest Free Holiday

Like other animals, common household pests look for a warm, safe place to overwinter that also provides a source of food and water. Your home is an ideal haven for these unwanted guests. These pests typically enter your home in the fall and set up their nests for the winter. As the weather turns colder,… Read more »

Don’t Let Rodents Ruin Your Holiday Festivities

Autumn has arrived, and that means that the time has come to begin preparing for the busy holiday season. If you’re like most busy folks, then you’ll most likely be planning a big Halloween party for the children, an incredible feast for your friends and family on Thanksgiving and festive celebrations to commemorate Christmas and… Read more »

Keep Those Spiders Out this Halloween

Halloween is the time of year when we celebrate creepy crawlies and all the things that go bump in the night. While spiders fit in well with this spooky theme, and lots of people who decorate for this delightfully scary time of the year use fake spiders in their efforts, not many are willing to… Read more »