No one wants ants in their kitchen. When you find a line of ants stretching outside, or find an ant nest inside your home, your first thought may be to spray the entire house with whatever high-powered bug killer you can find.

Ants are dirty, gross and they leave behind a trail of droppings and filth. But, you need to remember that if there are ants in your home, there’s a reason. The good news about this is that there are steps you can take to help keep ants out of your kitchen.

Clean Up the Food

If there is any scrap of food in your kitchen ants will find it. So, it is crucial to make sure that all of your surfaces are clean and wiped down. This includes countertops, floors, tables and walls. Ants are great at finding even the tiniest morsel.

Leave No Water

Ants, just like people, need water to live. If you have water available to them, they will find it and see it as an invitation to come on in. Make sure your kitchen sink is turned all the way off and that there are no leaks in your visible plumbing that ants could use as a water source. Then, turn to other, less-obvious water sources. Pick up pet water bowls at night. Dry up the bottom of your sink and dishwasher. Make sure there is no water at all available to the ants! Without any standing food or water, ants will not want to hang around.

Close up the Cracks

Find and shore up any and all cracks and crevices in your walls, doors and window frames. The problem is, ants are so small that they can find openings we can’t even see. Still, it’s crucial to make your home as sealed as possible to discourage them from coming in.

Of course, the best plan of action is to call in the professionals. With expert knowledge and a wide array of tools at our disposal, we can help make your kitchen as ant-free as possible. Why not reach out today? Contact us at Hart Pest Control now to set up an appointment!