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5 Myths About Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are common pests in warm climates around the world. In some cases, mosquitoes can present serious dangers for small children and elderly adults. There are, however, many misunderstandings about the dangers of mosquitoes and how they breed.

1. Mosquitoes Can Cause Malaria

According to statistics from the World Health Organization, about 400,000 people die each year from malaria. In almost all cases, malaria is contracted after people get a mosquito bite. Malaria is not, however, a common problem associated with mosquitoes in the U.S. since there are only about 1,700 cases of malaria in the entire country each year. Almost everyone who dies from malaria lives in a country with poor sanitation and health care.

2. The Zika Virus Is Extinct

The Zika virus was considered to be a serious health concern when it first became widespread in 2015. The CDC issued health warnings, and the media talked about the Zika virus every day. Today, people almost never hear about the Zika virus. The threats posed by the Zika virus still exist, but they are rarely discussed. Although governments have taken steps to fight the Zika virus, the chances are low that the virus will ever be fully eradicated.

3. Mosquitoes Do Not Bite During the Day

People tend to get most mosquito bites when they go outside at night. In general, mosquitoes spend less time searching for food during the day due to the increased risk of being seen. Mosquitoes are, however, capable of biting during the day. If you come near mosquito populations during the day, they will bite you like they would at any other time.

4. Mosquitoes Pose the Same Dangers for Everyone

Mosquitoes are dangerous because they have the potential to inject viruses directly into your bloodstream. There are a wide range of viruses that are only contracted from mosquitoes in most cases, such as West Nile virus, Zika virus, and yellow fever. According to statistics from the CDC, there are more than 3,500 viruses that mosquitoes can transmit. Young children and elderly adults who are more vulnerable to viruses are more likely to be harmed by mosquitoes than healthy adults.

5. Nothing Good Is Done by Mosquitoes

When spending time outdoors, mosquitoes can seem like annoying pests that do no good for the world. In reality, mosquitoes are a critical component of the ecosystem because they help to keep animal populations at reasonable levels. Research has also been published about how genetically modified mosquitoes have the potential to transmit vaccinations. Humanitarian organizations have speculated about ideas for using mosquitoes to immunize populations that cannot afford vaccinations. Although mosquitoes kill many people in impoverished countries, they also have the potential to do good when they are used in the right way.

To learn more about how our pest professionals can help rid you of your mosquito problems, be sure to contact us today. Take a look at our service area and see if we can help you today!

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Tips to Keep Fleas Off Your Pets

Bloodsucking pests, fleas can spread diseases to both humans and animals. These tiny insects live for several weeks, but some fleas are able to live for up to a year in the right conditions. Fleas can carry bacteria that cause diseases such as typhus, the bubonic plague and others. These insects go through four life stages, making it important for you to take steps to kill fleas in all of their life phases. If you have pets, it is important for you to take steps now to keep these insects off of them and out of your home.

Treat Your Pets

If you wait until fleas have already taken up residence on your pets, it can be very difficult for you to get rid of these pests. You should apply flea treatment to your dog to the back of its neck. It is important for you to apply it there because it takes awhile for the treatment to absorb and to start working properly. Applying it in that location prevents your dog from licking it off. Make sure to talk to your veterinarian about the recommended flea treatments for your cats and dogs. Some dog treatments contain permethrins, which are safe for dogs but can be deadly to cats. You should begin treating your pets in late winter or early spring before the fleas begin to hatch.

Give Your Pets Flea Collars

In addition to using flea treatments on your pets, buy flea collars for them. Make certain that you do not have them too loose or too tight. You should be able to place a finger between the collar and your pets' necks. Take care not to put a flea collar on your cat that contains permethrins.

Treat Your Yard

In order to keep fleas off of your pets and out of your house, treat your yard. There are sprays available that can be applied that will kill fleas and ticks that are in your grass. By keeping the fleas away from your property, you can help to keep them from ever taking up residence on your pets.

The best way to keep fleas off of your pets is to take preventative steps so that the fleas don't have the opportunity to start an infestation on your pets or in your home. By treating your pets each month with flea treatment, buying flea collars and treating your yard, you can look forward to the summer months without having to worry about fleas. Hart Pest Control has treatments available for your yard. If you already are dealing with a flea problem, contact our professionals and let us help you eradicate fleas from your home and your property.

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What Type of Climate Do Termites Live In?

Termites are known for their ability to destroy wood quickly. They can damage the building and cause psychological distress to anyone who is experiencing a termite infestation. These pests flourish in very specific types of conditions, so you can educate yourself about their habits in order to make informed decisions about your particular pest-control requirements. Our service professionals are always available to answer additional questions you might have about advanced termite control solutions from Hart Pest Control.

Climate and Termite Infestations

Termites thrive in conditions where there is a lot of lush vegetation. If you live in a region that has beautiful forests and a lot of vegetation, you might also live in a climate that has a large termite population. To control these pests, you must be able to eliminate the specific conditions that attract them to your home. The first condition that you should understand is moisture. Warm and humid areas of the world are more likely to attract termites than cold areas. This means that the interior of the building will also become more attractive to termites if you live in a colder area of the country.

What Attracts Termites?

Termites are like any other pest; they seek food and shelter from harsh outdoor conditions. This may lead them right into your home. Once you understand the types of things that attract termites, you can begin to become aware of these conditions inside of your property. You might not be able to change everything that is attracting these pests to your home or commercial building. However, you can take precautions to eliminate certain aromas that are known to attract these pests.

Vegetation will attract termites because of the moisture in the soil. If you live in a climate where it is easy to grow vegetables or flowers, you might also end up attracting subterranean termites as well. These pests are capable of building large colonies underground, so you have to be able to recognize the signs of an early infestation in order to protect your property. The best preventative measure is to keep the debris out of the lawn area. If your plants are decaying, this smell will attract termites. Clear any tree branches that fall around the home, and keep your bushes and shrubs trimmed. This will help you ward off a termite infestation if you live in a warm, humid climate.

Hart Pest Control

Our service professionals understand that customers might need additional information about termite infestations in order to protect their property against an infestation. Contact Hart Pest Control to speak to any of our pest professionals and set up an initial appointment. If you see any signs of a termite infestation, take immediate action to minimize the damage to your property.

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3 Surprising Places You Can Encounter Ants

Ants are strange and interesting insects. They've walked alongside the dinosaurs and can lift as much as 5,000 times their bodyweight. They build precise and intricate anthills and work together as a society. Unfortunately, they're also considered nuisance pests as they invade picnics and homes in search of food, water and shelter.

3 Places Where You Can Find Ants


It's not uncommon to find ants in your electronics. Whether it's a game console or a DVD player, ants will find the most out-of-the-way places to use for shelter. Some species, such as tawny crazy ants, are attracted to electronics and cause short circuits as they swarm inside air conditioners, blenders and other electrical devices. Pre-treating your home for ants can prevent these insects from coming inside and infesting your belongings.


It's no secret that ants are extremely small insects. Therefore, they can get into the most cramped spaces in your home. When they come indoors, they fit between the smallest crevices around your baseboards. They'll set up their colony behind the baseboards and remain out of sight. It's not until the worker ants leave the nest to search for food that you find out about the infestation.


It's not impossible for ants to raid your refrigerator. Despite the door seal and the colder temperatures, ants will get inside your fridge and raid boxed foods and uncovered leftovers. They'll get inside bagged sugar and any other opened or half-opened package. You should seal your food items securely before placing them in the fridge. Treating your home at the first sign of ants will also help to keep them out of your kitchen.

Prevent Ant Infestations in Your Home

An ant infestation in your home will only get worse if you don't take immediate action. These pests will find hidden and not-so-hidden areas in which to build their nests and to expand their colonies. Do-it-yourself pest control never eliminates the ants at the source and only covers up the problem. Harbor Pest Control can identify the ant species, use the appropriate treatments and eliminate the colony inside and outside of your home. We'll also create a custom service program to help keep these invaders from re-infesting your home in the future.

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3 Reasons Why You Need to Treat Your Home for Rodents

A rodent infestation is nothing to take lightly. If it's affecting your home, you need to act quickly before it gets out of control. Rodents such as mice and rats cause numerous problems not only for people but also for the places in which they live. When rodents have invaded your personal space, it's important to have them treated right away to avoid serious problems.

3 Problems With Rodent Infestations

They spread diseases.

Rodents carry numerous diseases and have been responsible for massive plagues in human history. Rats and mice, including pet rodents, may transmit serious diseases to people, such as the hantavirus, salmonella, leptospirosis and more. In addition, infected rodents may harbor fleas, which can also transmit diseases to people with a single bite.

They destroy property.

Rats and mice love to chew. In fact, they have to chew on something each day to keep their teeth from outgrowing their bodies. When rodents invade your house, they will chew on most anything in front of them, from walls and furniture to wires and boxes. They'll raid pantry items, gnaw on doors and bite through wires, which could cause unexpected fires behind the walls and in the attic.

They breed uncontrollably.

It's easier to get rid of one mouse or rat than it is to eliminate a dozen or more. Unfortunately, rodents breed constantly throughout the year, and two rats can produce hundreds of babies in their lifetime. If you have a rat infestation lurking behind your walls or in other out-of-the-way spaces, it's important to find them quickly. If you don't, they could continue to breed and to take over your home month by month.

Treat Your Home With Professional Pest Control

Rodents carry diseases, destroy property and breed out of control, increasing their number by the dozens in a single year. If they've taken hold of your home, Hart Pest Control has the means to eliminate them completely. Though you may try do-it-yourself methods, you'll find that they rarely work and only cost you time and money. We'll exterminate the pests and keep your home safe for the future.

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