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How Hurricanes Aid Mosquitoes in Texas

In addition to destroying countless buildings, trees and vehicles, Hurricane Harvey unleashed an enormous mosquito swarm during September. Insect experts in Texas reported that most of these bugs were members of the psorophora species.


Psorophora mosquitoes rank among the biggest "skeeters" in the Lone Star State. They also seek prey more energetically and trigger greater discomfort than most other species. These insects probably laid their eggs before the rain began to fall. The eggs hatched and released fast-growing larvae as the storm arrived.


This pest's larvae reach adulthood in less than four days. Unlike some bugs, they can live in mud when the water in a puddle evaporates. This adaptation makes it easier for huge swarms to take flight even if the sky quickly clears after rainy weather.

The majority of mosquitoes place eggs in stagnant water. A female psorophora mosquito behaves differently. It puts them on a dry surface near water. When a storm occurs and the water level rises, the eggs hatch as they become wet.

Hurricane Harvey dropped record-breaking amounts of rain along a portion of the coast that spans more than 400 miles. Nearly 40 inches fell during the month in Houston. This made it possible for abnormally large quantities of mosquitoes to proliferate.


The pest problem became so severe that state officials sought assistance from the U.S. Air Force. Military airplanes sprayed pesticides across millions of acres. Meanwhile, Harris County deployed trucks with insecticide-spraying equipment.

Although the majority of these bugs don't transmit diseases, a species known as Aedes aegypti became prevalent after the storm. This mosquito can carry the dangerous Zika and West Nile viruses. Both illnesses have infected more than 100 Texans during 2017.


Texas residents may shield themselves from these winged vampires by applying DEET sprays and wearing shirts with long sleeves. Unfortunately, the bugs can bite through some fabrics. Head nets offer additional protection. It's also important to regularly maintain window screens.

If a future hurricane prompts a mosquito outbreak near your Texas home, turn to Hart Pest Control. Our Houston-area company has reliably provided contract-free services for almost five decades. You can trust our talented staff to thoroughly banish pests at economical prices.

To get started, please dial 281-379-9400 today.

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4 common places rodents hide in homes


A rodent infestation is more than just a nuisance. Rodents carry diseases and attract other pests, like fleas and ticks, that also threaten your family’s health. Their tendency to gnaw on electrical wiring has sparked many a house fire. At the very least, rats, mice and squirrels damage property and make a huge mess.


Rodents look for quiet places of shelter that offer protection from larger animals. Your home’s warmth and safety make it ideal for raising a family.


These nocturnal creatures wait for the house to get quiet before rummaging for food and nesting materials. You may never spot one, but signs of trouble include droppings, a pungent, musty odor, greasy marks around doorframes or baseboards and evidence of food tampering. 


Teeth marks are also telltale signs. Rodents gnaw obsessively because their incisors never stop growing. Woodwork, cardboard, electrical cords, food packaging, furniture and even books are fair game.


Keep reading to learn about rodents’ favorite hiding places and what you can do to deter these dangerous pests.




Squirrels and roof rats are good at finding entry points around roofs and eaves, and they can flatten their bodies to slip through incredibly small gaps. They are fairly easy to hear overhead, especially in the evening hours.


Make sure that woodwork around the roof is in good repair and that vents and chimneys are covered with strong wire mesh.


Inside Walls


Rats and mice take advantage of wall cavities for free access to the whole house. A squirrel might fall from the attic and be unable to find an escape.


Listen for rustling and squeaking, and inspect your baseboards for openings. A lingering foul odor might indicate a decomposing body.


Call on one of our experts to pinpoint infested corridors and provide a solution.


Basements, Garages, Storage Closets and Sheds


It’s no surprise that spaces that accumulate clutter and have little human traffic are appealing. They’re usually dark and quiet, and they contain plenty of useful materials for making a home. Cardboard storage boxes that are rarely opened are as inviting as it gets.


Keep these areas neat and well lit. Use sturdy plastic storage tubs with tight-fitting lids, especially if they’re used to store pet food.




Rats and mice don’t typically nest in commonly occupied rooms, but the kitchen is an exception. Proximity to food sources is a major selling point for rodent real estate.


Mice often hole up in protected areas behind appliances. They also slip behind loose baseboards and settle under cabinets that are rarely opened.


Keep your kitchen as clean and free of crumbs as possible, and tightly seal all food products. 


Trust the Pros


The trapping and removal of rodents is a hazardous job that only a professional should tackle.


Keep your family safe by calling Hart Pest Control today. Our extensively trained and highly experienced technicians can provide effective solutions for rodents and other pests.

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Top Three Steps to Keep Your Home Free of Ants


Ants are a nuisance throughout America, but the hot Texas climate encourages these troublesome insects to breed rapidly and invade homes all year long. Here at Hart Pest Control, we're regularly called out to eliminate a variety of ants that include carpenter ants, fire ants, odorous house ants, acrobat ants, pyramid ants and pharaoh ants. These are just a few steps that you can take to keep ants from invading your space. 


1. Secure Your Home


It's difficult to keep ants out of your home because these insects are really good at squeezing through the smallest of spaces, but there are a few simple things that you can do to make it just a little more difficult for them to get inside. Check for any cracks, crevices or openings around the windows and doors, along the foundation and around any areas where pipes are connected to your home. Even the smallest entrance points should be thoroughly sealed with silicone caulk or another good sealant of your choice. It's also a smart move to trim any bushes or tree limbs that may be touching your home because ants use these as roadways that deliver them straight to your home.


2. Remove Temptations


Ants send out a few scouts on a search for food sources, and you may be invaded by lines of hundreds or thousands of ants if those scouts scurry back to the anthill to report that they've found a feast. Keeping in mind that even a single crumb can bring all of the ants on the run, it's important to keep all of your food locked up tight. That box of open cereal or crackers will definitely draw in ants, so all food should be carefully sealed in containers. You'll also want to keep the outside of food containers wiped down and free of spills, and there should be a tight lid on all trashcans. Be sure to wipe down counters, sweep and mop floors regularly and pick up your pet's food dish after each meal.


3. Don't Provide Drinking Water


Ants are just as attracted to a good source of water as they are to food, so you'll definitely want to keep all areas of your home dry. Check for leaky pipes under sinks and any leaky areas around toilets and bathtubs. Fix faucets that suffer from a chronic drip, and you may want to use a dehumidifier in the basement and any other moist areas of your home. 


Quality Pest Control Available


Unfortunately, ants often make their way into homes even when all of the above steps have been carefully followed. If you are experiencing any type of ant problem or any other pest-control issue, then you may feel free to contact us here at Hart Pest Control. Give us a call at 281-407-8336, and our professional, well-trained technicians will come right out to identify the problem and provide you with an individualized treatment plan that leaves your home free of pests.

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Tips for Your Labor Day BBQs

Labor Day is a great time of year to get together with your family and host a cookout. If you are like others, you will want to do everything that you can to make your cookout stand out in a positive way, but doing so is not always easy. You and your guests are not the only ones who are looking forward to the feast, so you must be on the lookout for uninvited visitors. Several pests will love to join you for your Labor Day event, and they can cause a lot of problems if you don’t take steps to stop them from getting into your yard. Luckily, you can keep yourself and your guests safe by keeping a few tips in mind and learning about common invaders.


Learning how to prevent ants from ruining your cookout is a smart step in the right direction when your goal is to keep your guests happy from the start of your event to the end. Ants send scouts into different locations to search for food, water and other resources, and your yard could be the next target. If an ant finds your food, it will return to the colony to inform the others of its discovery, and you will encounter an invasion in no time. If you want to keep ants away, you can mix a solution of 50 percent water and 50 percent vinegar, spraying it around your yard. Placing your trash cans away from your table is also a great idea when you want to safeguard your friends and family from pests. 


Nothing will ruin your Labor Day cookout as much as getting stung by wasps while you are spending time with your loved ones. If you don't already have wasps near your home, you can put holes in brown bags and hang them up around your property. Wasps are territorial and won't want to create a new nest where they think other wasps are present, and the bags will act as decoys. When wasps are nearby and you want to address the issue, you can spray them with soapy water. Doing so will prevent them from flying, so they won't be a threat for much longer. You need to ensure that nobody is too close to the nest when you spray it because wasps will sting when they are agitated, and it does not take much to make them angry. 


If your Labor Day cookout lasts until the evening hours, you will eventually feel the itching and skin irritation that comes with mosquito bites. Preventing these flying pests from annoying you and your guests can be difficult, and some people decide not to try, accepting mosquitoes as a part of life. In addition to causing mild discomfort, mosquitoes can transmit a range of diseases that you will want to avoid, such as the West Nile virus, yellow fever and more. You can use sprays and creams to prevent them from biting, but you can also set up candles around your yard. 

Hart Pest Control

Even though you can take many steps to discourage pests from invading your Labor Day cookout, you can only go so far. If you want to give yourself and your guests the best possible protection, turn to Hart Pest Control. We will handle mosquitoes, wasps, ants and any pest that tries to spoil your fun. You can reach out to us if you have questions or concerns, and we look forward to working with you.
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The Dangers of Scorpions and Spiders

Is your family protected from scorpions and spiders? Arachnids are very good at hiding. If they come into your home, you could be at risk for painful bites and stings. Although arachnids’ venom is rarely fatal, people with allergies or special sensitivity should be aware of the danger that they pose to humans. 


Spiders are attracted to dark, quiet spots with little human traffic. They hide in woodpiles, garages, attics and closets. Some species make their homes in dark corners of the ceiling or under heavy furniture. Surprisingly, only about half of all spiders spin webs for trapping prey. Those that don't often go undetected.

Common eight-legged pests in the Spring area include the following:

• Grass and garden spiders

• Common house spiders

• Long-legged sac spiders

• Black widows

• Brown recluses

Spiders are typically not aggressive toward humans, but they’ll bite if threatened. Children should not attempt to capture them.

Depending on the individual, the effects of a bite can range from pain and redness to muscle cramps and nausea. Most bites, fortunately, are minor irritations. 

Since their venom is especially potent, black widows and brown recluses pose greater danger than most spiders. Brown recluses are quite shy and avoid humans, but beware: In a few rare cases, their venom damaged body tissue or reached internal organs.

Black widows have a distinctive red hourglass marking on their abdomens and hang head down in their webs. Brown recluses bear a mark shaped like a violin. 


Scorpions are identified by their segmented bodies, slender tails and pincers. The striped bark scorpion, a common pest in and around Spring, is one of the few species that prefers dark, moist habitats like pine forests. It’s usually pale yellow and difficult to spot. Since harsh sunlight evaporates the moisture supply in its body, the striped bark scorpion is nocturnal. It hides in hollow logs, dead vegetation, attics and construction debris.

Stings are not lethal, but pain and itching may persist for several days. Allergic people who are stung could experience swelling, numbness, skin discoloration, muscle spasms or breathing difficulty.

Let Us Help

We at Hart Pest Control can detect an infestation at its source. Since many treatments that eliminate insects are ineffective against scorpions and spiders, you need our professional expertise. Our courteous crew members are highly skilled and use the most cutting-edge techniques. 

Don’t take your chances with scorpions and spiders. For a pest-free home and greater peace of mind, call Hart today.

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Why Mosquitoes Are Such A Problem During This Time Of Year

As warm weather approaches, people will head outside and make plans for the summer, and you are no stranger to mosquitoes if you can relate to that situation. Most people know that these pests are worst in the summer than any other time of the year, but they don't know why. If you would like to learn about mosquitoes and what attracts them, you are in the right place. As we move forward, you will also uncover the steps you can take to reduce the mosquito population on your property. Since mosquitoes can present a safety hazard, you will want to move fast.

Why Mosquitoes Are Active in the Summer

To learn why mosquitoes are the most active during the summer months, let's take a look at how they behave. These pests thrive in warm and humid environments, but they need to reproduce in standing bodies of water. In addition to water hoses and swimming pools, storms often occur. These factors combine to create the ideal conditions for mosquito populations to explode, and you will encounter the pests each time you walk outside at night as a result. The good news is that you can use your knowledge of mosquitoes to combat the problem.

How to Manage Mosquitoes

If your mission is to control and reduce the mosquito population in and near your property, removing any standing bodies of water is a good place from which to start. You can take your results to the next level by putting bug zappers and candles in your yard. If you want to push your effectiveness to new heights, buy some sprays or creams that will keep the insects off your skin.

The Danger

At this point, you might be asking yourself why mosquitoes are a problem that you need to address. The pests can carry and transmit harmful pathogens that are responsible for a range of deadly diseases. Taking steps to keep mosquitoes away from you and your family will reduce the risk to which you are exposed, and you will be able to put your mind at ease.

Getting Professional Help

When you want to do what it takes to keep mosquitoes away, turn to Hart Pest Control. Our team of experts has the needed training and experience to get the job done right, and your mosquito worries will be a thing of the past. The moment we arrive, we will address the most common areas in which mosquitoes like to hide, but we will even take steps to prevent them from returning. After we complete our task, you can go outside without getting attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes, and you will know that you have made the smart choice. We invite you to give us a call right away.

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Difference Between Bees & Wasps

If you plan to spend much time outdoors over the spring or summer, it's important you learn the difference between bees and wasps if you don’t want to get attacked. Although these stinging insects have a lot in common, they also have distinct features that set them apart, and not knowing the type of pest with which you are dealing is a mistake that you must take steps to avoid. If you spot a bee or wasp nest near your property, the way you respond is vital. The following information will point you in the right direction, allowing you to proceed with confidence and peace of mind. You will learn what sets bees and wasps apart, enabling you to make the smart choice.


Bees are tiny insects with round bodies and black stripes, and they will venture into the surrounding area to search for pollen. While they can sting when they feel as though they are in danger, they don't tend to be aggressive. When a bee attacks a person, it will usually lose its stinger, preventing it from attacking again, so as long as you don't bother them, you are not likely to have any trouble. The only problem comes when they build a hive near a house or public area, which can create a risky situation


Since wasps look like bees, telling them apart is not always an easy task to complete. While bees have round bodies, wasps will appear slightly flat, but the biggest difference is the way they behave. For example, wasps are more aggressive than bees and can sting several times, and you will want to do your best to stay away from them when they are upset. They can create nests under furniture, near porches and on the sides of buildings, and it's vital you stay calm so that you don't agitate them. If you don’t want them to sting you, calmly leave the area. Even though you can find different sprays that promise to kill wasps, you will risk getting attacked if you don't know how to approach the problem. A lot of people fall into this trap, and you don't want to repeat their mistake.

Hart Pest Control

No matter the type of pest that is causing trouble, you can turn to a friendly expert to get the situation under control. At Hart Pest Control, our team knows how to manage bees and wasps safely, and you won't need to put yourself in harm's way. Since we care about each of our customers, you can count on us to meet your needs sooner than you once thought possible. We encourage you to give us a call so that we can get started before the pests get the chance to spread, and if you have any questions or concerns, we will always point you in the right direction.

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3 Tips for Controlling Mosquitoes This Summer

A lot of local residents have been waiting for the summer to finally arrive. From pool parties to holiday cookouts, you will have a lot of fun activities to choose from. Unfortunately, mosquitoes are always a threat. These ancient bloodsuckers tend to thrive in hot, humid weather. With diseases such as the Zika virus being such a problem, homeowners should go the extra mile to protect their family. Here are three tips for controlling mosquitoes this summer.

What Attracts Mosquitoes?

There are certain things that tend to attract mosquitoes. If there is any standing water on your property, you should be especially concerned. Female mosquitoes can use the stagnant water as a place to lay their eggs. Mosquitoes can quickly transform a small puddle into their new breeding ground. The smell of sweat and perfume can also lure these disease-carrying insects to your home. When hosting an outdoor gathering at night, you must take extra precautions. Mosquitoes will not be able to resist the warm bodies.

1) Secure Your Home

Because mosquitoes are so tiny, they can easily enter you home. Broken window screens definitely put your family at risk of being attacked by mosquitoes. It is also a good idea to replace old weather stripping. In the event that you find any cracks along your walls, use silicone caulk to fill in the gaps. Make sure that your garbage can lids remain securely fastened at all times. Before the summer arrives, take the time to clean your rain gutters. This will help eliminate the presence of standing water.

2) Consider Using Natural Repellents

Citronella torches are very effective at keeping mosquitoes at bay. They can’t stand the intense smell of citronella. If you want to lounge on your deck, use portable fans to deter mosquitoes. Their wings are not strong enough to handle the extra breeze. Mosquito netting is yet another effective repellent. By putting mosquito nets around the porch, you will have an extra layer of protection. Certain plants, such as marigolds and lavender flowers, release fragrances that help ward off mosquitoes.

3) Call a Professional

If you want to keep mosquitoes away from your family, calling a professional is hands-down the best option. Hart Pest Control specializes in giving homeowners an extra peace of mind. By using non-toxic formulas, our experienced technicians are able to completely eliminate mosquitoes from your property. They will treat your entire home and yard. Your loved ones will be able to truly enjoy the summer.

Please contact Hart Pest Control for all of your pest control needs. We pledge to keep your home protected throughout the year.

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Preventing Bees & Wasps From Crashing Your Memorial Day BBQ

As spring approaches, local residents welcome the warmer weather and look forward to planning their Memorial Day barbecues. When planning a gathering, it is also important to plan for pests. Unwanted bees and wasps can wreak havoc on any spring cookout.

Why Bees And Wasps Like Barbecues

Bees and wasps are attracted to the smell of different foods. Although bees are in search of sweeter smells since they are pollinators, some wasps are not very picky about food. Also, the warmer temperatures add to the appeal of cooking food outdoors. If there are open containers of salads, desserts and side dishes, any nearby colonies of stinging pests may show up.

Dangers Of Bees And Wasps

One of the main dangers of bees and wasps is their stinging ability. Many people are allergic to bee stings, and some individuals can have rare and fatal anaphylactic reactions. If you frequently host parties, it is smart to keep an EpiPen on hand for such an occurrence. Bees and wasps can deter guests and ruin parties even if they do not sting.

How To Prevent Bees And Wasps

If you have wasp nests or beehives on your property, do not disturb them. Many people have been badly stung by trying to douse these habitats in gasoline or other dangerous chemicals, and some people also hurt themselves with chemicals or flames. Do not try any method found online for DIY removal. Always have a professional remove wasp nests. Also, professionals can relocate beehives to protect these precious endangered pollinators.

The smell of cooking food may inevitably attract some aggressive nearby yellow jackets. However, you can minimize your risks with these simple tips:

  • Keep all food covered.
  • Keep food and dining areas far away from trash cans.
  • Keep trash can lids closed tightly.
  • If possible, purchase a netted tent canopy for dining or lounging.

You may find tips online that tell you to make concoctions to trap wasps or divert their attention away from your food. These methods often wind up attracting even more pests, and they will search for more food.

The best way to prevent bees and wasps from attending your Memorial Day barbecue is to call a professional pest control company. At Hart Pest Control, we offer effective treatment plans to ward off all types of pests. If you have an existing infestation, we remove it. We also identify risks on your property. Call us today for a free estimate on any pest problem.

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Why it Makes Sense to Pretreat A Home for Termites?

Hart Pest Control serves residential and commercial customers in Spring, Texas and the surrounding areas. Pretreating your home is an extremely effective method for protecting the building against the threat of property damage, which comes with a termite infestation. Preventing property damage from happening is an incredibly wise investment. Once termites penetrate your home, it is difficult to get into the deep structures of the home where they can find an exposed supply of moist wood. 

Termiticide Pre-Treatment 

Termites thrive in an environment where wood is exposed and entrance points are vulnerable. This includes tiny cracks and crevices in the baseboards of the home where subterranean termites can enter easily. Moist wood produces a smell that is attractive to termites, so the home is vulnerable to an infestation once exposed wood becomes wet. 

Termiticide pre-treatments provide homeowners with a solution that is designed to last after the home construction is finished. Pre-treatments are effective on new homes because they address the structural areas of the home that are no longer accessible once the construction is completed. Our termiticide solutions work within the deepest parts of your home to prevent termites from penetrating into this area and setting up a colony. The pre-treatment option should be seen as an investment that protects your home throughout your entire life. 

Applying Pre-Treatment to Homes

Pre-treatment solutions are designed to minimize the vulnerability of your home to these pest infestations. We apply an action plan that is based on an analysis of your property. We develop a pre-treatment plan that addresses the specific areas of your home and yard that may invite a termite infestation either now or sometime in the future. This is particularly effective when you pre-treat the home before the construction is finished. 

Wooden areas that are treated with these solutions will repel termites from finding a source of food and nesting materials. We apply the pre-treatment in a methodical and systemic manner. This includes a careful analysis of every room that could potentially become targeted by hungry termites. We treat the wood as the construction materials are being installed. This process thoroughly covers the hidden portions of the wood and protects your property against possible vulnerabilities.

Contact Us

Hart Pest Control provides the tools and trained professionals who understand how to properly pretreat your home for termites. We provide our clients with a service that will continue to protect the homes for many years into the future. For additional information on our methods, or to set up an initial appointment, contact one of our representatives today.


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Don't Let Bed Bugs Come to the Super Bowl

Don't let bed bugs come to the super bowl

The Super Bowl is just around the corner, and if you are like other football fans, then you are already planning how you will spend the big day. Having friends and family over for dinner is a common way to enjoy the Super Bowl, but it's vital you take steps to ensure that no uninvited guests try to ruin the event. Of all the pests that you might encounter, bedbugs are some of the worst, and these insects will carefully hide in your home and wait until you fall asleep. They will then come out to bite, and they will consume a small amount of blood for each meal. 

Feeling powerless and discouraged, most people don't know how to respond when bedbugs are in their homes. But if you ignore the problem, the bedbugs will only spread and become that much more difficult to manage. In addition to causing problems for you, the bedbugs will also hide in the clothes of your guests, and your guests will then bring the parasites back to their house. Because the tiny insects are hard to spot, you need to learn the signs for which to look when you think that you might be facing an infestation.

Signs of Bedbug Activity

Bedbugs will do their best to avoid detection, and you might not even know that they are nearby until several months after the initial infestation. Although most people will notice small bite marks on their bodies, others show no visible symptoms. If you remove your sheets and look at the corners of your mattress with a flashlight, you might spot the bedbugs. If you want to take an extra precaution, place some double sided tape around the legs of your bed. 

Check the tape each morning, and any bedbugs that have tried to crawl up will be stuck. These signs will help you catch a bedbug problem before the population has time to grow and to get out of control. If you want to reduce the harm that these insects can cause, take action the moment you spot any of these warning signs. 

Hart Pest Control

Nothing will ruin your Super Bowl party like bedbugs, and you don't want to take any risks that can be avoided. If you want to ensure that your special day is free from unwanted pests, you can count on Hart Pest Control to get the job done right. Our team of pest control experts has a lot of experience dealing with bedbugs, and they have the tools and knowledge to help you protect your home. If you are ready to move forward, we invite you to give us a call right away, and we will answer your questions and address your concerns.

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Why Customers Heart Hart

Why Customers Heart Hart

Rest Assured that Your Home and Family are Safe

The safety of your home and family is not something that you should ever take for granted. Pests and rodents in your home and surrounding property have the potential to increase the risk of disease and infection in your house. Take action to make sure that your family is not affected by the presence of pests by contacting a professional pest control service. 

No matter how big or small your pest problem is, the professional and skilled technicians at Hart Pest Control are standing ready to answer your call. We provide the same exemplary service for every job and are known for prioritizing customer satisfaction above all else. We go above the call of duty to take care of each customer's pest control needs because we want to be your first call when it comes to ridding your home and property of pests. 

What Sets Hart Pest Control Apart

Ever since Hart Pest Control started serving customers in 1969, there have been plenty of competitors that have come along the way. What sets Hart Pest Control apart from its competitors is that it is the most reliable pest control service that customers depend on to protect their property and families.


Part of what makes serving our Texas customers so special to us is that we have such a loyal client base. Families in Texas have been depending on Hart Pest Control for decades to quickly and effectively eliminate their pest problems. If you ask any of our customers, they will tell you that our technicians always arrive on time and are very thorough in making sure that the job is completed before leaving. Our technicians are experts in their field and have the most advanced resources and training to safeguard your home. At Hart Pest Control, we never take for granted the confidence and trust that our customers place in us to make sure that their families and homes are safe from harmful rodents and pests. 

Call Hart Pest Control to Take Care of Your Pest Problem Today

Do not delay in calling Hart Pest Control at 281-407-8336 to take care of your pest problem right away. You can also schedule our services online by filling out our convenient contact form. We offer a free estimate for all jobs, which means that you can find out how affordable our superior pest control services are before we service your home. The sooner you call the pest control experts at Hart Control, the closer your will be to eliminating your pest problem for good and finding out why so many customers in Texas heart Hart Pest Control.


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Have a Pest Free Holiday

Have a Pest Free Holiday

Like other animals, common household pests look for a warm, safe place to overwinter that also provides a source of food and water. Your home is an ideal haven for these unwanted guests. These pests typically enter your home in the fall and set up their nests for the winter. As the weather turns colder, the following pests are the most likely to invade your house.

A nuisance year-round, cockroaches accelerate their migration indoors as the temperatures drop. Because these pests prefer dark, warm, moist locations, they are most commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms behind cabinets or under appliances. The most common sign of an infestation is the presence of more than one of these insects in your home.

Ants use tiny openings to gain access to your house. Although the scout ants probably slipped into your home unnoticed, you will eventually see a seemingly endless trail of ants indicating that your home is infested. Ant colonies typically set up their colonies in and around foundation walls and under concrete slab foundations as well as inside rotted window frames and behind kitchen cabinets. 

Contrary to the belief that termites are warm weather pests, they are active year-round. As a result, you should not let your guard down during the winter. Termites have been known to swarm in the fall and reproduce until February. These destructive pests eat wood and hide inside walls, floors and ceilings. Look for damaged wood as well as termite droppings, mud tubes and shed wings after they swarm.

Rodents like rats, mice and squirrels can contaminate food and spread potentially life-threatening diseases. They can also cause an electrical fire by gnawing through the insulation around wiring. Rodents enter through small cracks and crevices in walls and roofs. You may see their droppings, gnawed food packages or hear scratching and scurrying sounds inside walls, the attic or crawl space. 

Bedbugs can infest your home any time of year. Carried between locations inside clothing, luggage and boxes, they hide in your bedding and upholstery as well as the crevices of moldings and furniture. In addition to exercising precautions to avoid bringing these pests into your home, you should also check to determine whether your home is already infested. Common signs of an infestation include nocturnal bites, spots of blood on your mattress, tiny egg castings and shed skin. 

Call a Professional

Many do-it-yourself remedies are ineffective and can actually make the problem worse. Our trained technicians can determine the cause of the infestation and provide a targeted solution. We can also provide tips that will help to keep pests out of your home. For a pest-free holiday, contact Hart Pest Control for a complimentary, no-obligation home inspection.

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Don't Let Rodents Ruin Your Holiday Festivities

Don't Let Rodents Ruin Your Holiday Festivities

Autumn has arrived, and that means that the time has come to begin preparing for the busy holiday season. If you're like most busy folks, then you'll most likely be planning a big Halloween party for the children, an incredible feast for your friends and family on Thanksgiving and festive celebrations to commemorate Christmas and welcome in a brand new year. These are all meant to be special times that create wonderful and lasting memories, but it can all be ruined when rodents show up in your home as uninvited guests.

Unfortunately, the holiday season is always one of the worst times for rodent invasions to occur in Texas. Here at Hart Pest Control, we're regularly called upon to eliminate rodents from even the cleanest homes throughout the counties of Harris, Montgomery and Fort Bend, and both rats and mice are the most common rodents that we typically encounter in these areas.

About Rats and Mice

These rodents can be dangerous in several ways to both your home and your personal health. For example, their constant chewing may cause damage to any insulation, electrical wiring, siding and PVC piping that is located throughout your home. Additionally, humans who are exposed to the saliva, urine or droppings of these rodents may become ill with such conditions as typhus, Weil's disease, hantavirus, salmonella and even the plague. 

Each of these rodents may be attracted to your yard by the aroma of food drifting out of garbage cans, seeds that have fallen to the ground from your bird feeder, pet food and water left outside or even the waste from your dogs and cats. Once they've discovered your yard, these rodents will then want to enter your home in search of food, shelter and water. Because rats and mice breed incredibly fast, you may become overwhelmed with a huge infestation in a very short period of time. 

Norway Rats

These big rats can easily weigh over a full pound, have a body that is over a foot long and a tail that may grow to a length of a full 8 inches. You may find them in the attic, the crawlspace or the basement, and they'll come out to eat meats, fruits, grains, nuts and any other food that they can find.

Roof Rats

These rats can also be over a foot long, and they have a pointed nose and larger eyes and ears than their Norwegian cousins. Roof rats are extraordinary climbers, and you may expect them to make their nests in areas that include your home's rafters, attic and roof. They prefer to search your home for fruits and nuts, and they will also hoard as much food as possible near their nesting areas.

Professional Rodent Elimination Available

If your home has been invaded by the common house mouse, any rats or any other type of pest, then contact us here at Hart Pest Solutions for immediate assistance. Call us at 281-407-8336, and we'll be happy to provide you with a free estimate.

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Keep Those Spiders Out this Halloween

Keep Those Spiders Out this Halloween

Halloween is the time of year when we celebrate creepy crawlies and all the things that go bump in the night. While spiders fit in well with this spooky theme, and lots of people who decorate for this delightfully scary time of the year use fake spiders in their efforts, not many are willing to welcome real spiders into their homes. Here's what you need to know to keep these eight-legged guests from taking up residence in your home.

Spider Basics

There are tens of thousands of species of spiders in the world. While their appearances and behaviors can vary greatly from species to species, all spiders are arachnids with two body segments, eight legs and multiple pairs of eyes. Virtually all spiders are predators, but they lack the ability to chew. Instead, they use digestive enzymes in their saliva to break down their food before they consume it.

How Spiders Gain Entry

Spiders generally gain entry into your home in one of two ways. When seeking prey, they may crawl in on their own through small gaps in your home's building envelope. Common entry points include windows or doors that are poorly screened and small cracks in window casings and door frames. Spiders can also get inside homes when an object they are on or in is transported inside your home. These small arachnids can easily hitch a ride on a package, letter, blanket, bag or similar item when it is carried indoors. 

Where Spiders Lurk

Once inside, spiders lurk in various locations. Some choose to linger in windows, basements and crawlspaces. Others prefer attics, air vents, clutter and the upper corners of rooms. 

Spiders That You Might See

In southeast Texas, the spider you are most likely to find yourself sharing space with is the common southern house spider. With long, slender legs and yellow or tan bodies that often have spots, southern house spiders don't bite, but these pests can be annoying as they scurry throughout your home. Unfortunately, other species can be even more troublesome. The black widow and the brown recluse are venomous spiders, and both species have been known to find their way indoors. Black widows have hourglass-shaped markings in orange or red on their abdomen; they favor locations that are isolated and dark. Brown recluse spiders have marks on their heads that resemble violins. These pests are not fond of building webs; instead, they take cover beneath clutter. 

Eliminating a spider infestation can be incredibly difficult, so your best strategy is to call a pest control professional. A local, family-owned business, Hart Pest Control has been providing top-quality pest control services to our community since 1969. The dedicated members of our team have well over a century of combined experience, and we take great pleasure in putting our knowledge and expertise to work for the people who live and work in Texas' Harris, Montgomery and Fort Bend counties. If spiders or other pests are causing problems in your home, don't wait. Call Hart Pest Control for a free estimate today. 

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