Rain gutters are beneficial for your home, but they can become frustrating if certain pests decide to use rain gutters as a home for themselves. Pests in your gutter can make it difficult or dangerous to clean them, as well as causing them to clog. If you’re worried your gutters are home to pests, check out these four signs of pests in your gutters.

Nesting in the Gutters

The most obvious sign of pests occupying your gutters are the nests they leave behind. It’s recommended that you clean your gutters at least twice a year and while doing so, you may come across small concentrations of buildup. The leaves, twigs and other buildups could be a nest for a number of pests.

Keep an eye out for animal droppings, scratch marks or anything that might indicate the buildup is or was home to a pest. If you happen across a large buildup and think there could be a pest nesting there, contact a pest control professional immediately so it can be safely relocated.

Holes and Other Signs of Chewing

Another common sign of pests living in your gutters is holes or signs of chewing. After having your gutters installed, you expect them to stay like new for quite some time, especially with good maintenance. But if you begin to notice holes and worn-out spots before you’re due for new gutters, then call a professional.

Holes and signs of chewing are usually indicative of pests using your gutters as their home and you will need a professional to confirm what kind of pest and how to safely remove it.

Increase in the Number of Mosquitoes

If you notice your yard seems suddenly full of mosquitos, your rain gutters might be the culprit. Pests who nest in your gutters often clog them, leaving plenty of standing water perfect for mosquito larvae to grow.

Routine maintenance for your gutters is crucial to keeping out all pests, including mosquitos. Cleaning them on a regular basis keeps gutters clear and allows for water to flow away instead of remaining stagnant.

Swarming Bees

Bees buzzing around your yard could be a sign they’ve made a hive nearby. If you notice more bees than usual hanging around, you might be able to track them right back to their hive.

Watch them closely to be sure they are not swarming around your gutters and disappearing inside. If they are, then that means they most likely have formed a hive in your gutters or downspouts. Without the right gear, beehives can be dangerous, so it’s best to contact a pest control company right away to get it inspected.

Get Help Removing Pests From Your Gutters

Your gutters serve a specific purpose for your home and pests making their homes in your gutters defeats their purpose. Take care of your property and have a pest control company inspect your gutters for pests to make sure they’re working as intended.

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