Ants are strange and interesting insects. They’ve walked alongside the dinosaurs and can lift as much as 5,000 times their bodyweight. They build precise and intricate anthills and work together as a society. Unfortunately, they’re also considered nuisance pests as they invade picnics and homes in search of food, water and shelter.

3 Places Where You Can Find Ants


It’s not uncommon to find ants in your electronics. Whether it’s a game console or a DVD player, ants will find the most out-of-the-way places to use for shelter. Some species, such as tawny crazy ants, are attracted to electronics and cause short circuits as they swarm inside air conditioners, blenders and other electrical devices. Pre-treating your home for ants can prevent these insects from coming inside and infesting your belongings.


It’s no secret that ants are extremely small insects. Therefore, they can get into the most cramped spaces in your home. When they come indoors, they fit between the smallest crevices around your baseboards. They’ll set up their colony behind the baseboards and remain out of sight. It’s not until the worker ants leave the nest to search for food that you find out about the infestation.


It’s not impossible for ants to raid your refrigerator. Despite the door seal and the colder temperatures, ants will get inside your fridge and raid boxed foods and uncovered leftovers. They’ll get inside bagged sugar and any other opened or half-opened package. You should seal your food items securely before placing them in the fridge. Treating your home at the first sign of ants will also help to keep them out of your kitchen.

Prevent Ant Infestations in Your Home

An ant infestation in your home will only get worse if you don’t take immediate action. These pests will find hidden and not-so-hidden areas in which to build their nests and to expand their colonies. Do-it-yourself pest control never eliminates the ants at the source and only covers up the problem. Harbor Pest Control can identify the ant species, use the appropriate treatments and eliminate the colony inside and outside of your home. We’ll also create a custom service program to help keep these invaders from re-infesting your home in the future.